November 22, 20210

Interesting Facts That You Need To Know About Attendance Management Software


Gone were those days wherein attendance was given or complete with a “Present Miss” or through a very old antiquarian and dusty attendance register that lay at the corner of the office room.

And I guess it is ok to say that it is gone for good.


Benjamin Franklin Quotes, “Time is Money,” and it is crucial that we give it a thought as it is a naked truth.


Why does my organization need attendance management software?


This is the first question that rushes to our minds as soon as we hear about the same. But the fact is that: For any company or organization to progress, time management of the employees is something that can’t be neglected.


It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that attendance management is difficult, tedious, and wrong if done manually. But that is no reason to avoid or neglect it. There have been companies with scenarios in the past that have run from the mundane process of attendance management without giving it vital importance and not progressing due to it. But the truth is regardless of how much ever you run from the same; you can’t neglect the process as somewhere in the future of the organization’s progress, it will conflict big time and end up in a larger mess.


The whole point here is, “Just because the attendance management process is dull, boring, and mundane is no reason to ignore the same.”


Instead, we should go about and find a simple, hassle-free, and user-friendly system to incorporate into the company’s day-to-day regime.


With the advanced technology and AI in the picture, attendance management software has been developed to make the entire process flow easily manageable.


How can my company benefit from the attendance management system?


This is a basic and reasonable thought that anyone could have in mind:


Just like how payroll management is important, so is an attendance management system.

With payroll handling the complex process of salary, overtime, pay increments, and bonuses, the time management software handles attendance, time-off reports, overtime, etc.


The Attendance management software is built to handle day-to-day attendance and complex data such as shifts, holidays, late comings, early goings & overtime. Having a perfect report of the same will let HR analyze and track the employees’ negligence and track the employees’ productivity. This, in turn, will assist HR in bringing in an appropriate process to get the company’s resources to be utilized to its 100 percent without any further delay.


The best part of the attendance management system is that it is user-friendly and sophisticated enough to handle a complex and larger database of employees to track, record, and sort out manual work. The Attendance management system will work hand in hand with the HR management system and will seamlessly integrate with almost any type of hardware to track attendance in real-time.


The attendance management system will also enable you for the following without any difficulty:


  • Schedule your employee
  • Control and monitor latecomers
  • Self-Configurable policy
  • Overtime- Budget vs. Actual
  • Automated Shift Rotation
  • Automatic Shift Detection
  • Multimode attendance option
  • Realtime Biometric data

In short, it is viable to say that you name it, and the attendance management system has it.

With the assistance of the attendance management system, the organization’s progress will take new wings and prosper and flourish.


Ducem- Time Management Software


So, if you are on the lookout for the best attendance management system, I guess it would be ok to say that you landed on the right page. The HR management system has never been better. At Ducem, we understand the exact concern and needs of the client and therefore can provide an excellent solution for the same.


We understand the importance of modulating a good policy, managing overtime, creating a hassle-free attendance process, and managing shifts without breaking the head over it. That’s why we have the ultimate time management software configured that will work like a tailored fit for your organization. The time management software will surely give the organization a productive and smart way to progress without a pause. The HR management system will also find the time management software highly beneficial, and it will make the preparation of consolidated data on employees regarding time and attendance easier.


So, wait no more or think no more; Call Ducem today and find out more about our time management software; again, let’s not delay and waste our precious little time equivalent to money. (Quote Borrowed from the Leading Scientist from the Early American History)

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