Salary JV & Integration

Data Entry work of Accountants is hectic work. The bits of data if managed inaccurately can cause a financial avalanche. The wrong display of Numbers, inaccurate calculation by human error, etc may significantly affect the decision-making process. With Our Salary JV & Integration feature, you can get any desired JV output format for accounting use.

We help you re-imagine the entire process, making it flexible, relevant, and user-friendly. All the features in the Module are designed with utmost precision. There is absolutely no room for error. Errors can be easily detected if made while entry. Please click on View More for more features.

With this Salary JV & Integration feature, you can get any desired JV output format for accounting use. Also Salary JV can be customized to be integrated with the existing ERP system. This will really offload lot of data entry work for Accountants and also it eliminates any discrepancy which can occur while doing the manual data entry.

Assign JV Template to Employee

Payroll JV is specially used to make journal voucher reports by the accounts department. The JV report exclusively consist of pieces of information like Salary paid to Employee, charges paid to statutory department and loans, etc. In our module, we define Desirable JV templates for the companies. Salary JV & Integration Services provides services that are tailormade for all kinds of companies.

Comprehensive post Payroll Process

If you think the payroll activities end the moment you distribute payslips, then you are wrong. Payroll Activity is extensive and is as important as the Spine to the body. We help to ensure a good link between your payroll management and finance team. Our System aids in the generation of Account JV effortlessly by integrating with Accounting software orERP whichever is preferable. The Inbuilt JV facilities are highly configurable.

Integration with Account System/ERP to Post JV Automatically

Our Salary JV can be tailored to integrate with the current ERP or accounting scheme. This relieves Accountants of a significant amount of data analysis work while simultaneously eliminating any discrepancies that may arise through manual data entry. Salary JV & Integration Services is a dedicated organization that assists businesses in achieving success in their respective fields by using technology such as Payroll JV.

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