MIS / Reports


MIS’s goal is to extract data from various sources and draw insights that fuel business development. This is made possible by MIS. There is also a broad collection of paper outputs and reports for PF, ESI, PT, and TDS, among other things.


MIS Report

It gathers information from different dataand they are useful for finding issues and making critical decisions without spending a lot of time studying them.

Dynamic Report

The outcome of this report varies as data is inserted, removed, or changed. The interactive report shows the most recent reports as it adjusts the data range, which updates dynamically as the data source is changed. It is useful to see the company’s latest data and status.


Export Reports

All of these MIS files can be exported to Excel, PDF, printed, downloaded, and so on since it is a very simple and quick process to obtain information in MIS. If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your company, check out MIS , which has a variety of tools available to speed up the process of data collection and visualization in the MIS.

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