Bio Metric Integration

Paywell supports most of the Finger, Face, Palm, RFID biometric machines for punch integration. The moment employee makes any punch, it directly reflects into the system and even employee can view the same in their timesheet. You can integrate as many machines as you want.

Get up-to-the-minute attendance alerts

Are you unsure who is present in your department? If you need to confirm the existence of a resource? Paywell seamlessly retrieves data from your biometric system, using Independent Pull Technology, allowing you to quickly learn about employee absences. With updates on job status, irregular attendance summaries, early and late arrivals and exits, and over-time, you will make data-driven decisions. The merits of the Biometric attendance system supersede the amount of investment made.

Reduce the number of erroneous entrants and proxy attendance

Unlike unprotected time cards and manual record entries, the biometric attendance system and Paywell will work together to eliminate incorrect details and pave the way for dependable attendance monitoring while still securing the company from unwanted entries. Biometric Finger Print Readers and Face Readers (Or any other attendance device) will ensure accuracy in the entry. Being a team head, If you need to see who has worked overtime or who has been late, you can access documents at any time and from any place, holding workers responsible for the time they’ve spent in the workplace while still increasing accountability.

Improve payroll processing accuracy

A simple error in calculating working hours can result in overpayments and underpayments. However, the biometric system and Paywell will work together to reliably measure each individual’s hours worked, plus some overtime. Payroll analysis is a blessing when data is correct.

Improve the working environment for the workers

Employees are empowered by Biometric Integration Surat, which allows them to receive attendance alerts, monitor their records, and regularise attendance on their own. The details from your biometric devices are synced to ESS, making it simple for staff to know how much time they’ve served without having to recall codes or punch in and out manually. We facilitate a smoother experience for Employees working outstation by allowing Geobased Attendance entry through their Mobile device.

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