Visitor management

This module helps manage and track visitors, allows selective access to buildings and improves the overall visitor experience. Employee can raise the incoming visitor request in advance and plan for their lunch and vehicle if needed. This request can be approved by HR. This way you are always informed how many planned visitors visiting on any fine day.

The reduced workload of HR

With our Visitor Management, we help you manage all the aspects of guest management with simple clicks. Once the confirmation of the guest’s arrival is made, the list will be automatically visible on the Security cabin screen. The itinerary of the guest can be managed online. All the facilities from the stay to the scheduled meeting timing all can be updated to the guest and responsible office staff via the tool. This will simplify the entire process and the guest or client will experience premium hospitality.

Pre-appointment or Advanced booking

Some meetings/visits are arranged months in advance, and in these situations, security is alerted via the guest list. We provide one-time software registration, a quick printing of visitor passes and rapid notice to an employee makes it convenient for all parties concerned to prevent delays at the reception.

Direct Appointment

Visitor Management System has all aspects and features of smooth functioning of Foot traffic in your company. Even in Emergency or spontaneous meetings set up, we provide instant visitor pass creation and allow visitors for the stipulated time. We provide Touch-free sign-in by allowing sign-in using dynamic QR scanning. We also maintain a high level of protection for the personal information that visitors give.

Enhanced Security

The number of visitors inside the premises at any one time may be monitored by security staff and HR in the visitor management system, guaranteeing the safety of both workers and guests. Visitor Management System  makes it simple to keep track of the time spent seeing visitors like vendors, general visitors, clients, and others. If the visitor does not leave within the allotted time, the office staff is informed.

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