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November 30, 20210

Are you tired of going through tedious reports that drain your energy away?

Have you ever wished that all of this would magically get sorted?

Well, we understand your concern, and that is why we would like to offer the best solution in the industry.

Read along to find beneficial information.


Worksheet Management

In the worksheet management module, employees may track their daily scheduled and completed tasks, the number of hours spent on each activity, and which Job or Project. Approvals have been set up to keep track of these hours and activities. You may calculate and even anticipate the project cost based on the hours entered by the employee. These activity statistics can also be shared with clients to bill project work hours. You may customize the email and mobile alerts for each Worksheet you submit.

The tedious task of managing and compiling the entire companies’ work records from time to time can be handled by the Worksheet Management system. It is very much essential as it helps the company to analyze the cost involved with each employee.


How can Worksheet Management System help in the growth of an organization?

Now, this is the first thought that can rush into any person’s mind. In short, it simply means what’s in it for me?

Having an automated Worksheet management software will save you time by providing accurate results and getting involved with various other productive activities that will help the organization’s welfare.

Spending time in a particular process such as compiling repetitive and monotonous reports needs to be thought of as an unnecessary waste of companies’ resources when the same can be calculated much more accurately and error-free through the automated Work Sheet management software. Once configured as per the company policies and procedures, the HR Work Sheet management software will provide you with all types of worksheets and reports that could be used for working towards easy and hassle-free processing of reports or data.

With the HR Work Sheet management system, Reports can be configured in a single click and one or two steps that will save you plenty of time. And provide you with the leverage and upper hand in tedious computing reports without any error and with 100 percent compliance to the Industry and company standards along with it.

It is a fact that handling the Worksheet management system is no child’s play. And since this plays a crucial role, the same can’t be avoided either. We also understand that tracking daily projectwise reports or even employee-wise activity worksheets shouldn’t get hectic. This is why we would highly recommend using HR Work Sheet Management Software to make things easier or smoother. Regardless of the size of the company or organization, you can generate or track project-wise or employment-wise activity without any hassle.

With the assistance of Worksheet Management Software, your day-to-day work that includes the following will be handled efficiently and smoothly:

  • Planning your work
  • Feedback on your work
  • Project wise man hour report with cost
  • Department wise man hour report with cost
  • Multilevel worksheet approvals

Our WorkSheet Management Software will enhance the management and tracking and show significant improvement in the management and growth of the organization.

However, it is crucial to club it with payroll management and attendance management to reap the benefits of Worksheet management to its utmost. When combined, the three features provide the best results, making work and life more manageable and simple.


The other added benefits include:


Customize your Timesheet

Different departments within a corporation prefer different types of timesheets. Employees may also personalize the worksheets for their convenience. For the company’s growth, these might act as a magic wand. Timesheets might be made mandatory for wage payment. At the very least, the organization will be more innovative at analyzing the cause of decreased productivity, employee performance, and decision-making.


Manage Project Time

The worksheets are clear and straightforward to distribute. Managers can look at the employee’s Worksheet and spread the task properly. Allow the employee to start the spreadsheets themselves, with the head of the department adding on afterward. Completed tasks can be noted, and the team leader will be alerted.


Multilevel Worksheet Approval

Unlike earlier, when the customized Worksheet had to be delivered to the team leader or for higher approval at all instances. The approval process may now be efficiently controlled, thanks to Worksheet. Worksheet approvals at several levels may be set, and the same can be used to calculate the salary based on Worksheet hours.


Comprehensive Worksheet Report

Because all of the worksheets are administered entirely online, calculating Project personnel costs reports based on worksheet hours is simple. Reports assist the organization in evaluating the necessary data. The whole clock in and clock out data is provided, which aids in error-free computation. The information may also be utilized to recognize and reward employees’ efforts. Employees will be happier if you send them a short note or have a dialogue with them. A good firm is thereby built by a good team of employees.

So, wait no more. Call us now to get your Worksheet Management Software today!

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