Leave Management


Leave Management module helps you customize different types of Leave policies. Slight up-gradation in the management of the company impacts the work culture deeply. Choosing our Leave management system will make your burden less which indirectly means more time to invest.

Here, Complex Leave rules are configured with just a few clicks. Managers can view and sanction leave. Employees will receive an email or phone notification about the Leave approval. The Leave will be auto-upgraded on the company timesheet for easy task allotment.


Incorporate in Employee Self Service Portal

Get all the services in one place – Employee Self Service portal. One can easily apply for a Leave via ESS. In the Leave application module, you can view your leave application status. You can also select the dates of leave based on the leave schedule of teammates. On Emergency Leave such as medical Leave, you can easily upload the medical document. Our Leave management system saves you from unnecessary documentation. A single page will display all the details like your Leave balance, No of Approved leave in a year, Leave encashment, etc.

Manage complex leave policy easily

A good Leave policy is mandatory for an organization. The rules should be known to all and easy to understand. With the Leave management system, we help you to frame a good Leave policy. The employees will have access to the leave policy maintaining complete transparency. The features like Leave Avail Rules, Leave Encashment, Leave Carry Forward, Leave Auto Credit, Leave Encashment, Leave Lapse Rule, Leave Sandwich Rule, Leave Clubbing Rule, and Leave Policy Template is managed in a single window.

The software allows the teammates to priorly inform the team about a planned leave for advance workflow management. It ensures that all the employees follow the standard leave rules of the organization.


Integration with the Payroll

Often there are circumstances where employees forgo their leaves and work for the company on holidays too. In such cases, the company pays the employee for pending leave days. This is known as Leave encashment. Through our software one can easily encase the pending leaves because our Leave management software is integrated with the payroll. Leave Encashment has minimized the load of manual documentation. Any changes in the total working days will be easily updated to the payroll ensuring total accuracy

Manage Leave Approval

Now, with the Leave management system Managers and Head of Department can easily view everyone’s leave application. You can see the present staffing and grant leave based on the minimum requirement for full productivity in the company. A shared team calendar view is a smart feature of our software.


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