Time & Attendance Management


Time and Attendance are core to an Organization. A Journey from the Attendance register at the reception desk to Biometric entry, Smart Card swipe and Face recognition, the ways maintaining the attendance is more foolproof with the advancement of technology. At DUCEM we understand the needs of the evolving companies and help them create comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly Time and Attendance software. The software reduces your manual work and aids in the quick entry of data. Complex Attendance rules like shifts, holidays, late comings, early goings & Overtime are easily managed. Our attendance Management System is Flexible and can seamlessly integrate with any type of hardware to track attendance in real-time.


Easily manage Shifts

Most of the company works on Shift based system. Allocation and maintaining a Shift cycle can be a mundane task. The time and Attendance module of Paywell will help you in precise shift allocation. It will auto set the Shift Schedule of Employees on a weekly/ monthly basis. The managers or Head of Department can easily alter the shifts based on the requirement. We offer Real time shift detection based on Punch in time. An additional advantage is that managers can easily view the timesheet of their employees on a single page. Thereby they can easily manage the employee and allocate tasks.

Modulate a good Attendance Policy

A good attendance policy can work wonders within a work culture. Our attendance Management System is designed for smart businesses that believe in digitizing the work culture for betterment. A policy like Different Holidays for different Employees. The Employees can opt for public holiday leaves, it may vary from person to person but the productivity of the company remains the same.

Employees can now opt for Flexible work hours easily because We help you to monitor the active work hours. Each employee can manage their work schedules and even view the availability of teammates to coordinate.


Hassle-Free Attendance Process

Paywell helps you to process attendance daily. You can collectively view the Employees present department-wise on a single screen. The Manual process is minimized to give 100 percent accurate results. The payrolls are seamlessly integrated with the Attendance sheets to correctly calculate the monthly payments of the employee. The details like Payable days, present hours, and overtime are displayed on the employee dashboard.

Manage Overtime

Overtime Policies are a difficult task when undertaken manually. Now implement an Overtime Policy with the help of Time and Attendance module. The Paywell will help you to calculate Overtime Budget based on the business needs. Assign overtime features to a single or group of employees effortlessly with just a few clicks.


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