Employee Management


In this module, you can record each and every details of an employee joining the organization, like Personal, Experience, Qualification, Joining & Family details and you can even upload all the documents related to employee so that all the documents are readily available in the system whenever needed. That’s not all there are so many other features available in this Module which are very rare to find in single application.


All Data at Single Stop

Exactly, who wouldn’t wish for the data dancing on your fingertips? Well, we facilitate hassle-free management of Employee data. It covers information like Personal details, Joining, Qualification, Family, Experience, Company Valuables, KYE (Know Your Employee), etc. It assures complete master data management with KYC attachments.

The Employee Management system would enable employee to be assigned to departments. It allows you to create a single or multi-level reporting authority based on your needs. It can also control the system’s workflow. In HR’s hands, it’s nothing more than a magic wand.

Data are Easily Shareable

Data must be exchanged for different uses. The traditional approach is rather hectic and not so easily manageable. It is very difficult to exchange a package of documents but our application allows you to share the records of your employees without trouble. The information is contained exclusively in Excel sheets. It can easily share Bulk Employee data in minutes.


Manages Employee Communication

Through Automated Cards and wishes, we hope to encourage Employee Engagement in the organization in this module. Employees’ memorable occasions can never go unheard – new hires, retirement days, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and so forth.

HR friendly Add-on features

Our Module provides an opportunity for employees to keep their dashboard up to date. This will contain the same information that is fed into the HR key directory.

Along with other data, the Employee Management software will store a detailed pay structure (CTC) and statutory data. The features are modularized such that all interactions can be found in a single application. All of these fantastic add-ons are tailored to your company’s requirements.


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