Mobile – Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a module available both on desktop and Mobile (iOS& Android) where employees can access their information anytime, anywhere. Provide your staff with the access to things like pay slips and leave accruals through Employee Self Service. They can also use the different types of applications like Leave Application, Shift Change Application, Outstation Application, Meeting Request etc. HODs can do all the types of application approvals. You can have multi-level approvals. This is the most user friendly module with a great design so that anyone can use it with an ease

More Streamlined System

Traditionally all the activities like Statutory compliance and payroll were managed by a specialized team. Now all such specialized work can be handled easily by the HR team. The Administrative task of HR is now streamlined by linking together the data and making it available to those who need it via the Employee Self Service Portal.

Real time data update

Consolidating information into a single, user-friendly portal increases efficiencies and aids in rapidly aligning employee with organizational goals. Employees can now conveniently access their payroll information and leave accruals. All the details of approval of leave is real time updated in the worksheet, and attendance sheet. The employee dashboard includes a link to all of the company’s facilities and records. There will be no more waiting in line for the leave to be approved, Employee Self Service keeps you sorted.

Reduction of Error

Tonne after tonne of data is inserted into HR files every day, such as Attendance, Leave Request List, Payroll, Overtime Record, and so on. Manually managing these records can result in errors and confusion. The ESS portal assists you in standardizing processes, minimizing mistakes, and improving reporting capabilities. Employee Self Service Portal completely eliminates data transfer errors and makes it so much convenient for HR managers to find errors in newly added employee or employee information.

Reduced HR Workload

With the implementation of employee self-service, the HR environment is rapidly evolving into a more rational and productive structure. Full responsibility of HR is now automated by multilevel approval. Employees can also access and view all resources such as payslips, leave encashment, loan status, and timesheet adjustments directly. Without an Employee Self Service , employees are required to ask HR regarding any tiny details.

ESS portal makes an HR life simpler, now HR can devote their time for strategic planning. HOD and managers can do all types of approval via the ESS portal.

Although this Portal works effectively for office personnel, it is tough for field workers to send online applications. We were able to discover a solution thanks to our ESS portal’s Provisional Access function, which allows site supervisors to assist workers in completing their applications.

Employee Driven Portal

Having direct access to the employee details can bring a sense of empowerment to the employees. Employee Self Service  raises the level of satisfaction in the employees due to improved communication throughout the organization. Employees can view their performance on their dashboard. These features develop a positive work culture which further drives the company to attain success.

The most recent E-punch function has been a huge success for the main corporations. Employees can punch their attendance using their registered mobile phone under E- punch. To guarantee total correctness, a Geo tag is placed to the feature, in which the location is to be shared with the attendance.

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