Meeting Management

This module helps you raise meeting request with your colleagues. You can accept/reject meetings. You can setup reminders. This will help you not to miss any meetings. You can view all your meetings in calendar and plan your day accordingly.

Host Meetings

The Time scheduling and minutes writing facilities enable the team to be focused and productive. With this module, you can help you raise meeting request with your colleagues. You can accept/reject meetings. You can set up reminders.

Pin the Meeting Reminders

Our Meeting Management System allows the organization to prepare a meeting guest list. It Automates the email reminder with joining information and other important details before a meeting. We also facilitate the integration of meeting timing with calendar, to mitigate the risk of double booking. We offer smart business aids to companies like Meeting management, a Discussion forum to increase employee engagement.

View UpComing Events

With Meeting Management, you can now view all your scheduled meetings for the upcoming month in a simplified calendar view. You can choose to accept or reject the meeting based on your availability. Our Workplace analytics also helps the organization to review the reports on the number of meetings conducted, length of meetings, the average number of attendees, etc. This keeps the company in awareness about the productivity within the firm.

Save Meeting History

Our Meeting Management helps to keep an accurate history of all the meetings conducted. We also offer and additional features like agenda creators, minutes recorders, and consensus trackers that facilitate productive meetings. Our meeting Management maintains the highest degree of confidentiality and helps in keeping the discussions private and completely secure through encryption protocols.

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