November 11, 20210

Make your first impression the best! It’s a universal truth that people may forget many things you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Visitors may be coming to your office space or Company for the first time, so it’s important to give them a safe and finer experience.

With the advance of technologies, all the aspects of our life had a revamp at some level. Even Visitor management had gone through a major upgradation. From the old data entry style on the registers, we have whole new smart Visitor Management Software. The upgradation has not only eased the long lines to check-in but sharply reduced the leak of personal information. Modern technology has aided in finely streamlining all the activities associated with Visitor Management. Suppose you are still confused about adopting Visitor Management Software. Here are some reasons why you should.

Importance of a Visitor Management System.

  1. Safe Visitor Experience
     This is a mandatory feature in all companies or office spaces as the COVID pandemic took hold worldwide. Now we need more regulations for the safety inside our spaces. Visitor Management Software enables us to completely digitize the check-in and identity verification. It also helps you have contactless screening like verifying Vaccination documents, Screening questionnaires. It has helped us in business continuity even in the pandemic.
  2. Enhanced Workplace safety:
     Any person planning to visit the plant or is invited for a meeting will be registered priorly as a visitor on the software. They can mention the purpose of the visit and upload their Photo identity. Now digitized Visitor Management will have added benefits to the traditional method like we can know where the visitor is heading towards. All the details are shared with the concerned department head. They can be prepared and can help the visitor. Additionally, the digitized method keeps the visitors from entering unauthorized spaces or even accessing the WiFi.
  3. Seamlessly streamlined:
    The data is finely streamlined into a network where visitors’ information is parallelly displayed on the dashboard of security personnel, Department heads or Managers, and event managers. The visitors are allowed once they are verified by the managers concerned. No more waiting in the queue for the registration. Digital Badges can be generated for those expected more than once; maybe a weekly pass can be generated under such circumstances.
  4. Meet up your compliance regulations:
    The visitor Management System is the software that is expected to have no compromise. The software enables a high-level security system that helps you to secure the identity of the visitors. Thus, maintaining your compliance regulations. Additionally, these logbooks don’t offer any means to verify the information provided or prevent misuse of information. The visitor Management System authenticates each detail filled in by the visitor and keeps this information secure.

Features of a Seamless Visitor Management System

  • Easy Entry via Login System:

The software provides a smooth sign-in process. This is highly secure and is safe without having one on one interaction with security personnel.

  • Pre-booking:

The boon of a visitor management system is its ability to register visitors online. The visitors or guests can be intimidated once they are registered. Additionally, other facilities like transport service and hospitality can be mentioned to be taken care of. The Company can also inform the permission of any gadgets like Laptop or I-pad.

  • Digital and Printed Badges:

Once the guest or visitor is registered automatically, a digital badge will be generated specifying the needful information. They can also be printed for easy identification in office spaces, and different color codes can be used for ease of identification.

  • Notification or Alert to the Host:

When any visitor is permitted inside the office area, the Host will be given instant notification. They can be notified by a Short, simple message or email. The Alert can also be initiated if the guest has not checked out in the stipulated time.

  • QR Code Scanning:

 Provide a touchless booking experience by delivering QR codes ahead of time. When visitors arrive, they will be given a QR code to enter immediately from their email on their mobile devices.

  • Advanced pre-invitation:

 Sending pre-invitations to guests allows them to avoid making contact during the reception. The visitor can check-in by just scanning their invitation code.

  • Visitor Information Insight

When a visitor registers, their information is confirmed. When the QR code is scanned, the information will appear on the security screen. As a result, the data is secure within the Visitor Management System.

  • Android and iOS Support

Visitor Management Software is manageable effortless on both iOS and Android devices. The Software application improves in easy navigation as a guest or visitor.

  • Contact less check-in

Contactless check-in Visitor Management Software enables contactless check-in by presenting your guests with a QR code that allows guests to check-in without difficulty.

Application of Visitor Management System

The Application of the software is easily possible in all types of Spaces which require Good security features and smooth visitor service. The software improves the efficiency of the Visitor management in any Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Hospital, Industries, Companies, and Business Offices.


Bygone are the days when the registers were used as a part of Visitor management. Now it’s time to switch to a better and more friendly way of seamlessly handling the Visitors and Guests. To know more about our services, contact us now!


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