Workflow is the most important function of the system as it keeps everyone informed in the form of Email, SMS or Mobile notifications and you do not miss anything. You can configure emails and SMS for any event occurring in the system. You do not miss any birthdays or HR communications as workflow is there to help you do not miss anything.

Push Reminder

An effective business flow workflow management system can submit notifications by email or push notification on your mobile device to inform you about forthcoming approvals and awaiting. It will send the mail and notification automatically when it is set in the system. It saves us time by delivering an individual message to each employee. Push alerts can transfer critical information at any time and from any place.

Event-based Email

There will be mails or push notification sent to the employees so they can see all the details and event conducting time so they won’t be missing an of the events, meetings or actions and with this there won’t be any second thought for employees as they will be updated as with the help of this they can give there full concentration on work and do productively.

Attendance Alert

For example, there will be an SMS notification to employees who are late or being late and going early as it will be recorded in the software system and the message will be sent automatically by the system so the employees will be punctual in their work.

Occasion Notification

An occasion is when a person or institute celebrates. So, we provide the functionality to store and save dates of all festivals and employees birthdays and send messages to them automatically which can make their day special.
As workflow provides you these facilities to make your work easy and flexible which can save your valuable time and remind you with all the events, meetings and report of your attendance and other which makes it easy in your busy schedule.

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